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Natural Remedies for Addictions

Posted by on October 18, 2013

Addictions come in many ways and can happen to a variety of people. It could happen to pretty much anyone. As with a large variety of people this can happen to, it should also not be assumed that the only kind of addictions are illegal drugs. There are addictions to prescribed drugs, alcohol, OTC drugs, caffeinated beverages, sugar…the list can be long. Some addictions are more difficult to overcome than others. It can be an overwhelming task trying to get past the addiction and get the body back to a healthy state. Sometimes supplementing with a variety of minerals, vitamins, herbs can help reduce the symptoms of dependency, as well as the use of some essential oils. There have been many suggestions of how the function of these items used in nutritional healing can aid in the process of freeing the body of the addicting affects of substances.
Alcohol and drug dependency may be easier to face with the help of minerals as suggested by Dr. Annette Hasalone in the Angstrom Minerals Information & Reference guide available at Healthshop101. She has put together a protocol that may possibly help to achieve freedom from substance abuse in conjunction with counseling or the help of a health care professional.
It is good to know what function a mineral has for our bodies to help us understand just how it is that it can help to remedy issues we could be having with certain health concerns, such as addiction. Minerals are just a portion of what her protocol calls for, but it is also a good place to start.

Platinum is a mineral that can help with energy levels, as well as circulation and brain function.

Manganese may help to improve memory, enhance resistance, and improve eyesight. According to Dr. Annette Hasalone in her book, it will also enhance the body’s recuperative powers and help to control nerves.

Magnesium assists the body to relax and recover. It can calm nerves, help with sleep, and is necessary for solid teeth and bones. It is also an essential mineral for brain and liver function.

Germaniumhelps to maintain a stronger immune system and can expel pollutants and pathogens. It also provides more oxygen to vital organs.

Goldis a natural anti-inflammatory that can also assist the body for better sleep, circulation, and improved brain function.

Calcium is most popularly known for helping to build strong bones. It is also essential for strengthening the nervous system and helps to calm nerves, fights germs and heals scars.

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The protocol also calls for other items such as Vitamin C and Digestive Enzymes, B-Complex, which can also be found at Healthshop101. The minerals listed are just a portion of what is in the protocol. Please refer to Dr. Annette Hasalone’s Angstrom Minerals Information & Reference Guide for complete protocols.

Other mineral supplements not mentioned in the protocol, but have merit in the capabilities of being able to help are:

Seleniumis an important antioxidant and can help the body eliminate toxins such as mercury elimination. It is also essential to support the immune system, as well as aiding with pancreatic function and enhancing heart and liver functions.

Zinc is known for helping to boost the immune system during the cold and flu season. It also helps with the metabolism of carbohydrates according to Janet Zand, OMD, LAc. Zinc can become deficient with the excessive use of alcohol, sugar, caffeine, or drugs – so it is important to replenish zinc if there has been a problem with an addiction.

Potassium levels can be significantly reduced through the process of an addiction. A deficiency of potassium can cause or be associated with depression, high blood pressure, and heart disease…among other things. It is important for supporting the muscular system and increasing tissue and blood alkalinity. It has also been found helpful in eliminating toxins from the body, as well as promoting vigor and good health.

Chromium is helpful with the metabolism of glucose and insulin performance. Adding an ionic liquid chromium dietary supplement could help the recovering addict to regulate the blood sugar pattern that could have been disturbed by the use of alcohol for example. It may also help with improved brain function, thyroid function, and hormonal balance.

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