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Ionic Liquid Mineral Absorption

Posted by on January 7, 2013

Does Mineral Size Really Matter?

Absorption Claims

Many manufacturers claim their minerals are easily absorbed. It sounds good, but what does that really mean? There can be two different interpretations:

  • Absorbed into the system

Any mineral that is one micron or smaller will pass through the stomach wall and go into the blood stream. One could say the product has been “absorbed”.

  • Absorbed into the cells

Just because something passes through the stomach wall into the blood does not necessarily mean it is usable. To be used by the body the minerals must be able to enter individual cells. Micron-sized minerals are too large. The mineral needs to be angstrom size. An angstrom is one million times smaller than a micron.

The water-soluble minerals distributed by are angstrom size. They are 100% usable in the body.

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