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Ionic Liquid Iron Mineral Supplement

Posted by on January 14, 2013

By Angstrom Minerals

Ionic Liquid Iron Ingredients:

Ionic* Iron (2000 ppm), Vitamin C (6.5 mg/tsp), Purified Water.


* “Most minerals [from food] are 8-12% absorbable, Chelated Minerals are 40% absorbable, and liquid… Minerals are 98% absorbable, being 7000 times smaller than Red blood cells, with negative-charge for absorption.” – Joseph B. Marion; Anti-aging Manual. (“With a negative charge” means the minerals are ionic.)

We have found the best place to purchase Ionic Iron is from

Suggested Use for Iron Plus Vitamin C:

Adults: 1/2 to1 teaspoon daily. Iron is best taken in the morning hours away from other nutrients. Please allow at least 30-45 minutes between taking Iron Plus Vitamin C and any other dietary supplement.

Iron Plus Vitamin C is best added to orange juice. The vitamin C in the orange juice helps the body utilize iron, thereby increasing effectiveness of the product.

Iron Plus Vitamin C has been known to stain the teeth when taken straight from the bottle and held in the mouth. The iron discolors the candida and other bacteria that are in the mouth. A simple dental cleaning or whitening strip will remove the discoloration. Staining can be avoided by mixing the Iron Plus Vitamin C into orange juice to dilute it.

Consult a health care professional for use with all individuals, especially those under the age of 14.

Important Notes Concerning Iron Plus Vitamin C:

  • Since ionic Iron does not build up in the body, it never reaches toxic levels.
  • Iron is best taken in the morning hours away from other nutrients. For information on nutrients and their relationships, please visit our page entitled Opposing and Synergistic Nutrients.
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