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Ionic Germanium Liquid Mineral

Posted by on January 14, 2013

Ionic Germanium Benefits & Deficiency Symptoms

Much of the research on Germanium has been very recently completed or is still in progress. Many new discoveries are still being made on what Germanium actually does in the body. Researchers have found that Germanium is very necessary for optimal health.

Germanium is one of the minerals that helps raise the level of activity in many internal organs. Germanium facilitates oxygen uptake into the organs, improving both organ health and performance. Germanium also assists in expelling harmful pollutants from the organs and stops many germ activities.

Germanium, being a very important mineral to the electrical fields of the body, readily accepts and gives up electrons. Germanium serves as an electrical semiconductor, helping to correct distortions in the electrical fields in the body. Adequate Germanium levels are very important to facilitate the stimulation of acupuncture points and their electrical charge functions.

When Germanium Levels are Low:

Many bacterial, viral, and fungal infections may be present when Germanium levels are low. This stems from the inability of the body’s electrical system to transfer electrons to the invading organisms. Most harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi each need to maintain an open electron chain. If an electron can be transferred into that open chain, it then becomes a closed electron chain. The bacteria, virus or fungus is caused to break up and die. Then it passes out of the body. When one’s Germanium level is low, this electron transfer may not happen. The role Germanium plays in neutralizing harmful organisms is one of the most recent discoveries concerning this mineral.

Germanium levels are known to be in low in people who have compromised immune systems. Germanium deficiency is also quite common in those who have cancer or symptoms of low energy. When the body is very low in Germanium, normal functionality of nerve impulses is difficult to maintain. Without enough Germanium, the human body cannot transfer enough electrical impulses to maintain optimal health within its individual cells. Increasing the Germanium levels helps normalize these electrical transfers and increases cellular health.

Some Symptoms of Germanium Deficiency:

Asthma, cancer (breast, lung, bladder), cardiac insufficiency, hypertension, hepatic cirrhosis, leukemia, neuralgia, nephritis, neurotic disorders, and softening of brain tissue.


Germanium benefits and/or deficiency symptoms are generic for the mineral. No product claims are being made or implied.

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