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Ionic Calcium Liquid Mineral

Posted by on January 8, 2013

Ionic Calcium Benefits & Deficiency Symptoms

Ionic Calcium is one of the most essential minerals needed in human nutrition. Calcium is needed in every organ of the body, including the brain. Calcium is called the “knitter” because Calcium promotes healing or knitting everywhere in the body. Calcium is valuable for tone, power, strength, longevity, vitality and endurance, healing of wounds, and for counteracting of acids. Calcium also helps regulate metabolism.

Because Calcium is used in almost every function, our body needs more Calcium than any other mineral. Unfortunately Calcium is commonly deficient in our diets. Calcium is one of the first elements to go out of balance when the diet is inadequate.

Calcium is stored in the bones and teeth as well as in the nerves, muscles and tissues. Magnesium and vitamin D increase Calcium absorption. Sodium helps keep Calcium in soluble form in the body.

Calcium raises the body’s resistance to viruses, parasites, bacteria and cancer. A lack of Calcium leads to a host of diseases and degenerative conditions. Ionic Calcium serves a two-fold purpose:

  • Ionic Calcium helps reverse symptoms caused by a buildup of compounded Calcium like kidney stones, gallstones, and arthritis.
  • Ionic Calcium reverses conditions caused by a Calcium deficiency such as acidosis and osteoporosis.

A high incidence of cavities, or white spots on fingernails also indicates a Calcium deficiency. Calcium helps the body to regain the proper pH balance.

Some Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency:

Acne, arthritis, acidosis, Attention-Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.), asthma, Bell’s Palsy, cramps, Chronic-Fatigue Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, cancer, cavities, cataracts, enlarged heart, fibromyalgia, gallstones, and high cholesterol.

Note: Refined sugar and foods high in oxalic acid (spinach, cranberries and rhubarb) leach Calcium from the body. Doing heavy exercise such as weight lifting, or using tobacco, alcohol or certain medications may also increase the body’s need for Calcium.


Calcium benefits and/or deficiency symptoms are generic for the mineral. No product claims are being made or implied.

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