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Goat Meat- The Healthy Red Meat

Posted by on November 8, 2013

rack-of-goatIn searching the web for good goat meat we suggest

B& B Cabrito Goats

Cuts include:

Goat Burger, Goat Chops

Goat steak, Goat stew meat

Leg of goat,  Goat Shank & More

The Goats at B&B are pasture raised on Local Utah Rocky Mountain grasses. Winter feeds include Tritacale, Alfalfa, Rye and natural browse.

Some of my favorites are goat chops and goat steak. I have a goat burger once in a while, but my favorite is steaks on the BBQ.

You do have to be careful with goat on the BBQ. I like to turn the BBQ on as high as it will go for 10 minutes. Then sear the steaks.  Don’t cook it on high, it will dry out!. then turn one side off and the other side to low and cook it slow for 15 to 20 Minutes depending on how thick it was sliced.

Goat chops are steaks form the tenderloin or back of the goat. Other steaks come from the legs instead of making roast. I guess I am not a fan of roast too much. I would rather see it all cut into steak. But if you are having a party and a good leg of goat is needed, they have it.

Goat burger can be used in place of beef burger any where or made in to goat hamburgers. I prefer it in spaghetti or Italian dished to just the old fashion American burger on a bun.

I’ve seen their goats:

Meat Goats

B&B Meat Goats

A lot of Boer Goats and

some Spanish.

Get Goat meat recipies

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