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Coral Calcium Comparisons

Posted by on January 14, 2013

Water-Soluble Coral Calcium vs. Ordinary Coral Calcium

Water-Soluble Coral Calcium is much more bio-available than other coral calcium supplements.

Coral calcium is typically sold as coral calcium powder, coral calcium sand, coral calcium capsules or coral calcium tablets. These contain calcium as a form of calcium carbonate. When coral calcium is added to water, some of the coral calcium goes into the water, putting calcium into a semi-ionic form. Our bodies can break down and use that calcium. Unfortunately not all the coral calcium goes into the water.

Some of the coral calcium always remains solid. Its calcium stays as calcium carbonate with very poor usability. (Even if all the calcium went into the water and were usable, you’d still be left with the carbonate, which the body cannot break down. When minerals are not broken down small enough to be used, they sometimes build up in the body, causing problems.)

Coral calcium contains many minerals besides calcium. Usability is less than 50% for the total minerals contained in ordinary coral calcium, but when coral calcium is converted into water-soluble form, the coral calcium becomes totally usable. All of its benefits are unlocked.

Water-Soluble Coral Calcium is in the exact form needed by the body. Therefore this coral calcium is fully utilized. Because of extremely small molecule size, water-soluble coral calcium does not build up in a harmful manner. There should be no concern about forming calcium deposits from using water-soluble coral calcium.

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