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Chromium, Why Do We Need It

Posted by on January 14, 2013

Chromium helps the body regulate metabolism, insulin and blood sugar levels. Chromium helps the body lose weight by stimulating enzymes that metabolize glucose for energy. It plays an important role in the liver synthesis of fatty acids (burns fat). Chromium helps the body’s metabolism after the food is in the bloodstream. Chromium helps the pancreas and other organs keep all of this in balance. This is why chromium is so very important to our bodies.

When our body is deficient in chromium, it takes twice as long for insulin to remove glucose from the blood. This slows down the whole sugar glucose process causing the whole body to become more reactive to every other thing that is happening within it. Chromium enhances insulin performance and glucose utilization. It also helps to carry proteins in the body.

There are many things that deplete the body of chromium. Refined sugar causes the body to deplete the chromium levels within it. Also the refining of starches and carbohydrates robs the food of its chromium. As we get older our bodies are unable to store as much chromium as we could when we were younger.

Chromium is available in our foods naturally but has become so depleted in our soils that it is nearly impossible to receive enough usable chromium from just eating food. If we could get all the chromium we needed from our food would the onset of diabetes be so high? So we must look at getting the majority of our chromium from supplements.

Minerals have a natural attraction to be attached to something. Therefore you cannot buy just plain chromium. Usually chromium is sold as chromium picolinate.

Picolinate is a protein. When it is attached to chromium, the natural bond formed between the two becomes super tight. Only one in eight normal healthy adults has a digestive system healthy enough to cause this bond to be broken during the digestive process. If you are using chromium picolinate, chances are that you are getting very little chromium that your body can utilize. When converted into a ionic form, however, chromium becomes almost 100% usable.

Ionic Chromium does not need to be digested because it’s already been broken down. This chromium is instantly absorbed into the blood stream through the upper stomach wall before reaching the lower part that does the digesting. Consuming chromium in ionic form makes chromium immediately available when the body needs it.

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