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Angstrom Mineral Reference Guide

Posted by on January 7, 2013

By Annette Hasalone-Eve, N.D.

This Book Contains a Wealth of Information

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Sometimes increasing your knowledge opens doors for improving your health. This may be one of those cases. The information contained in this 208 page book helps the reader understand the importance of minerals and how the body uses them. Reading this book will help you make informed decisions about your health, diet and mineral supplementation. The Angstrom Mineral Information & Reference Guide sells for $25.95.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    Taking Control of Your Health, You Have the Power
    The New Paradigm
    Pharmaceutical Control
    What is Naturopathic Medicine?
    Rules for Healthy Living
    Approaching the People
  • Know Your Product
    Periodic Table
    Boron Dietary Supplement
    Calcium Dietary Supplement
    Carbon Dietary Supplement
    Cesium Dietary Supplement
    Chromium Dietary Supplement
    Cobalt Dietary Supplement
    Copper Dietary Supplement
    Germanium Dietary Supplement
    Gold Dietary Supplement
    Iodine Dietary Supplement
    Iron Dietary Supplement
    Lithium Dietary Supplement
    Magnesium Dietary Supplement
    Manganese Dietary Supplement
    Molybdenum Dietary Supplement
    Phosphorus Dietary Supplement
    Platinum Dietary Supplement
    Potassium Dietary Supplement
    Selenium Dietary Supplement
    Silica Dietary Supplement
    Silver Dietary Supplement
    Sodium Dietary Supplement
    Strontium Dietary Supplement
    Sulfur Dietary Supplement
    Vanadium Dietary Supplement
    VanChroZin Dietary Supplement
    Zinc Dietary Supplement
  • How to Answer Those Questions and Concerns
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Baseline FDA Chart
    Conversion Table
    Table of Antagonistic Prime Elements
    Chemical Composition of the Human Body
    pH Chart
    Questions & Answers
    How to Use the Protocols
  • Mono-atomic Mineral Application
    Protocol Condition List
  • More Nutrients
    Amino Acids
    Essential Fatty Acids
    Glucosamine Sulfate
    Malic Acid
  • Toxins and Anti-Nutrients
    About Heavy Metal Toxins
    The Sweetest Poison on Earth
    Toxic Chemical in Your House
    Toxins in Your Colon
  • Cleansing &Detoxification
    High Enema Cleanse
    Ginger Bath
    Liver and Gallbladder Flush
    Kidney Flush
  • Self Tests
    pH Saliva Test
    pH Urine Test
    Adrenal Function Test
    Allergies to Food Test
    Breast Cancer Self Examination
    Diabetes Test
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Test
    Colon Cancer Test
    Heart Function Test
    Impotence Test
    Ovulation Timing Test
    Peripheral Artery Function Test
    Stomach Acid Test
    System Function and Balance Test
    Testicular Cancer Test
    Thyroid Test
  • Articles and Information
    Breath of Life
    Rape a.k.a. Canola Oil
    Gout, the Age Old Complaint
    Healing Crisis vs Detox Reaction
    Hi Ho Silver
    Interactions Between Microbs and Human Beings
    Menopause and Estrogen
    Oh, Man
    Parkison’s Disease
    Psoriasis Plague
    Oh My Aching Back
    The pH Balancing Act
    Sleep Apnea
    The Truth About Headaches
    Ulcers, What Are They?
    What is Adrenal Fatigue?
    What is Salt?
    Which One
    Why does Stroke Start in Your Heart
    What is Stroke? (CVA)
  • Appendix
  • Systems of the Body
    Skeletal System
    Nervous System
    Circulatory System
    Endocrine & Urinary Systems
    Digestive System
    Respiratory System
    Reproductive Systems
    Pancreas & Parathyroids
  • Complementary Health Organizations Contract Information
  • Health Organizations Contact Information
  • Bibliography & Reference Material
  • Recommended Books
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