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Health Catchers Ionic Mineral Supplements

Ionic Liquid Calcium by Angstrom Minerals™


Calcium that works is calcium that the body can use. Calcium needs to be angstrom size in order to enter our cells. Anything bigger gets locked out.

Angstrom Minerals™ Calcium contains angstrom (ionic) calcium ready for immediate cellular absorption. The usability of angstrom calcium is approximately 98%.

Angstrom Minerals™ Calcium/Magnesium offers angstrom calcium and magnesium in one convenient bottle.

Give your body angstrom calcium.
It really works!

Why Angstrom* Calcium

  • Angstrom calcium is ready for immediate assimilation.
  • Angstrom calcium offers maximum utilization.
  • Angstrom calcium cannot build up in the body to form harmful deposits.
  • Angstrom calcium is hypo-allergenic.
  • Angstrom calcium can satisfy the body’s basic need for calcium.
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